August Alsina Rocks the House at TSU Homecoming

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On October 24, August Alsina certainly gave the students at Texas Southern University a night to remember. His sensational performance at TSU was the highlight of their 2014 Homecoming. This was one of his first shows since being released from the hospital and he tore the building down.

As the show opened with the song “Work,” he hit the stage with a cool confidence and electric vigor with his dark camo jacket, a long red t-shirt, white pants, and a neck loaded with gold. Throughout the set, the New Orleans, L.A. native performed songs such as the hit single “I Love this Shit,” “Numb,” “Ghetto,” “No Love,” “Downtown,” the ladies favorites “Kissin’ on my Tattoos” and “Let me Hit That” among many others.

The most memorable part of the show was the emotional and tear-jerking performance of his song “Make it Home.” Alsina set the scene by telling the story of his seizure which lead to him being in a coma for three days. He then brought out a surprise guest, his mother, on stage to express his appreciation to her. “My mama almost lost her mind when I was in the hospital, man. And I’m so grateful to have my momma right here to support me. This right here is my queen, my king, my sister, my mother, my brother, my all, my everything! My momma already lost one son, she can’t lose another!” said Alsina.

Check out a few of August Alsina’s performances below. What were your thoughts on the show?

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