Brawley Hall Panel

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DJ Drama and seven of his homeboys visited their old stomping grounds to drop some valuable knowledge on current college students.

All graduates of Clark Atlanta University: entertainment moguls DJ Drama, Don Cannon, and DJ Sense, educator Kyle Ames, investment banker Chris Griffin, filmmaker Noel Calloway, comedian Damien Lemon, and Anesthesiologist Elee Stewart formed the Brawley Hall panel, which they plan to take on tour. Using their knowledge and diverse skill sets, the men all plan to educate and work with students at various colleges who are craving information on how to put their degrees to practice in the real world.

The guys’ first stop was their Alma mater, CAU, where they offered up valuable advice about focus, working in the present and figuring out what you’re good at. But networking and building relationships was the message almost every speaker preached as gospel. “Your network is your net worth,” Said Don Cannon. “Make sure you build up your network because teamwork is the most important thing.”

DJ Drama explained that this tour wouldn’t even be happening if they weren’t so serious about building and maintaining friendships in college. “It was not so much what took place in the classrooms,” Drama said. “It was more the relationships and the people we met. I remember the first day at Brawley Hall, being on the second floor and people telling me there was this other DJ from Philly on the third floor and going up there. A lot of these people on the panel, we go back to freshman year. We cliqued up and became friends. Even then, we all are who we are and watching us all evolve and grow, it’s amazing to see.”
The free event was packed as students took advantage of hearing the guys talk about the days when the shoe was on the other foot and they were the ones sitting in those seats with burning questions about success. And, after the talk, the fellas gave students time to meet and greet and put their networking skills to work.

Kyle Ames, the education professional of the group, works in a field very different from DJ Drama and the other entertainment-focused panelists, but he adds a fresh perspective, and he’s been friends with these guys for almost 15 years.
“Keep holding on to your relationships,” Ames said. “Relationships can help you go a long way. And they can help you at a later point in life.”

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